Casa Vacanze a Castiglion Fibocchi





 Parking nearby
 Free WiFi
 Flat screen TV
 Working fireplace
 Independent Heating

 In the Room:

 Towels & Courtesy Set
 Soaps & Shampoo

 In the Kitchen:

 Accessories and Cookware
 Washing machine & Dishwasher
 Microwave oven
 Refrigerator with Freezer

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 The Overnight Stay

Until May 31st and
from September 1st to 23rd December
 1 o 2 guests- 50€ per night
 Up to 3 guests- 62€ per night
 Up to 4 guests- 74€ per night

From June 1st to 30 and
from 21st to 31st August
 1 o 2 guests- 52€ per night
 Up to 3 guests - 64€ per night
 Up to 4 guests- 76€ per night

From 1st to 20 August:
 1 o 2 guests - 56€ per night
 Up to 3 guest - 68€ per night
 Up to 4 guests - 80€ per night

From December 24th to January 6th 2019:
 1 o 2 guests - 60€ per night
 Up to 3 guests - 72€ per night
 Up to 4 guests - 84€ per night



The costs for cleaning the apartment amount to € 20 to be paid directly upon arrival. A minimum stay of two nights is required.

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Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services


 Children are always welcome in our structure:

 One child under 6 years is charged EUR 15 per night when using existing beds.
 All children under 2 years are charged EUR 15 per night using cots.
 Maximum capacity of extra beds is one
 Supplements are not included in the total amount and must be paid for separately during your stay.

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Antica Dimora Figli di Bocco is among the award-winning hotels thanks to the welcome, the hospitality and courtesy that makes guests feel at home in a relaxed, family atmosphere.