Casa Vacanze a Castiglion Fibocchi

Castiglion Fibocchi: between History, Food and Art

Castiglion Fibocchi, before being a castle was a village built in Roman times near the important link road Via Cassia, now called Via Setteponti, along which you can see some examples of typical rural buildings: the Leopoldine houses with dovecote, the loggia and the portico among the most beautiful in the area.

Wine and oil are certainly the most important products of our territory. This land from which the Chianti wine originates (Bettino Ricasoli, creator of the formula, did the experiments in the Fattoria del Borro with the grapes of these hills) is also the land that made Vinsanto famous in the world, dessert wine that closed the meals on the imperial table of Franz Joseph emperor of Austria (of which the signs with his mark, found in the cellars of the Borro, are witnesses).

The white roads of the countryside are a stimulus for walking or cycling to enjoy the beauties that nature offers us. At 4 km is Ponte Buriano with its bridge that crosses the river Arno and that according to many experts is the bridge that Leonardo da Vinci painted in the background of the Mona Lisa.

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Events & Shows

The most important period for events is the Carnival and is celebrated on the last 2 Sundays since the end of the carnival. The very elegant and elaborate clothes, designed by retired seamstresses and girls graduated from the Institute of Art, are packed in the festive gatherings of the previous months.

On Carnival Day the masks are placed in the most characteristic points of the city and here more or less professional photographers give vent to their creativity. Confetti, spaces for children, sweets, jokes and folk groups are the setting for the final show.

Every last Sunday of the month in the nearby Tenuta del Borro, owner of the Ferragamo family, old wineries with large oak barrels are opened for tourist visits, where for the last hundred years wines of the highest quality are produced.

In Arezzo (13 km) among the most important events we find the Giosta del Saracino, a medieval carousel that sees the 4 districts of the city compete in a knightly competition of great skill. The Saracino rides are played twice a year: the first Saturday of June at night and the last Sunday of August during the day.

Every first Sunday of the month, the antique dealers gather for a fair that is famous throughout Italy and beyond, the Arezzo Antique Fair.

The festivals, folk festivals and small events that take place nearby in every country enliven summer days.

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